Advertisers Fight the Filters: The Battle Continues

For years, consumers have sought ways to avoid and filter out advertising. And advertisers have fought back with ways over, around and through the filters. Here are two recent developments in the battle:

Product placement: as TIVO has damaged television advertising by allowing viewers to fast-forward past commercials, product placement has become an increasingly important source of revenue for broadcasters. Allesandra Stanley of The New York Times, tongue perhaps slightly in cheek, suggests an Emmy for the Product Placement category, and rates many recent efforts to integrate products into shows.

Twitter Advertising: meanwhile, Tech.blorge points to an AdWeek report that Pay-Per-Tweet is coming to Twitter. According to AdWeek:

Izea, formerly called Pay Per Post, is readying a Twitter ad platform called Sponsored Tweets that will offer Twitter users the option of sending their followers messages about brands and products. Twitterers will get paid based either on the number of clicks they receive or on a flat fee per Tweet.

In a test campaign, Blockbuster tweets carried the hashtag #spon to indicate a sponsored message. Tech.blorge points out that this may give Twitter users a way to filter the messages right back out again:

Twitter users have been notoriously fickle about spam entering the site, but so long as the Tweets carry a hashtag, there will be solutions beyond simply unfollowing the user putting out the messages.  Thanks to third-party services such as TweetDeck, a method for users to read the messages on their desktop, you can set up filters to hide any messages with specified hashtags that you want.  It’s easy to imagine that the #spon posts will quickly get filtered out by the majority of users, which leads one to believe the system will either be a failure, or users will just conveniently forget to include the tag.

Someone, no doubt, is working on a way to beat the filters. And so it goes.


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