An Unusual Auto Dealer Offer

Tom Gill Chevrolet, a dealership in Florence, Kentucky (near Cincinnati), is offering an interesting gift-with-purchase: dinner with Pete Rose.

Be offended, or saddened, if you wish.  Pete has to make a living, and he’s not allowed to do it in baseball. The only thing I want to know is whether it works.If this promotion sells cars, I’m in favor of it.

Hat tip to Sports Illustrated for directing me to Ted Williams Head.


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2 thoughts on “An Unusual Auto Dealer Offer

  1. Who’s Pete Rose?

    Ok, so I had an idea of who he is. But if I am a young person (of the non-sports junkie vein) and would buy or lease a car should I care? Who is that old dude anyway?

    It’s a nice gesture. Will it move vehicles? Well…we’ll see I guess.

    Dinner with someone relevant to today’s sports universe would be better. Then again I am just a silly yungun.

  2. On the other hand, Chevy buyers skew older, baseball fans tend to respect their history, and Rose is still a legend in Cincinnati (Florence, KY is right over the river).

    Plus, younger sports stars generally haven’t been banned for life by the commissioner, and hence might not need the free meal as much as Pete does…