Cheap Marketing Tip: Give Your Common Product an Uncommon Name

You can buy brussel sprouts just about anywhere.

But only at Seattle’s Pike Place Market can you buy…


By the way, if you’d like to buy some 30-second Messages of Prosperity Generation, give me a call. And if you have a name for radio commercials that’s better than that one, I’m open to suggestion. Leave me a comment below.


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3 thoughts on “Cheap Marketing Tip: Give Your Common Product an Uncommon Name

  1. Your post awakened a fond memory, Phil.

    When I worked as an advertising salesman for KAGE AM-FM in Winona, MN (1974-1979), our Women’s Director – yes, we had one in our town of 26,000 – had her own short list of advertising accounts.

    Passing by her office one day, I overheard Yvonne talking on the phone with one of these clients, asking if he’d like to buy “some of those cute little five-second ads.”

    Yes, decades before Clear Channel’s Less is More initiative and the Adlets and Blinks that followed in its wake, we were selling five-second ads.

    Tons of them.

    I called them lots of things. Effective. Affordable. Memorable.

    But never “cute, little….”

    Your “Messages of Prosperity Generation” sounds a bit Oriental to me. I played with the idea of responding with a haiku, decided that rhyme might be easier (it’s late):

    Vibrations enter ear;
    Pictures form in mind.
    “Radio Heard Here” –
    Results not far behind.

  2. i have developed a new solution for small banks which will provide banks a number of services like telephone banking, Funds transfer, call center etc basically its a package can you suggest some good name