Dental Advertising Case Study: Sleep Dentistry of Portland

Dr. Floyd Kasch operates Sleep Dentistry of Portland. As the name suggests, Dr. Kasch concentrates on sedation dentistry. His target patient is someone who is afraid of going to the dentist. I’ve seen statistics indicating that up to 40% of the population does not see a dentist regularly; in many cases this is because of fear.

Dr. Kasch has a great story to tell — he does sedation dentistry because he himself was afraid to go to the dentist after some bad experiences as a child. For this reason, he really relates to his patients. As I got to know him and the practice, I realized that if we could tell that story effectively, patients would seek him out.

I recently talked with his son and business manager, Brandon Kasch, about the process of putting the Sleep Dentistry of Portland campaign together, and the results they’ve achieved.

You can learn more about Sleep Dentistry of Portland here


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2 thoughts on “Dental Advertising Case Study: Sleep Dentistry of Portland

  1. Phil,

    Nice testimonial re: your work and its results for the advertiser.

    I would like to have heard the spot itself, after hearing talk *about* it. (Hard as it might be to believe, some of us don’t get Portland radio signals. :>)

    You might also consider ending the spot with a picture of your smiling mug and a super: “Call Portland’s Finest Media Rep – Phil Bernstein – (tel number)” for your You Tube audience.

    What did you expect – I’m an ad guy.

    Nice work.