Interesting Way to Get Your Call Returned

There are sales gurus who tell you to have a scripted 30-second sales pitch ready to leave on a voice mail. There are consultants who recommend leaving vague and, sometimes, deceptive messages to pique a prospect’s curiosity. And there are those who say you should never leave a message.

This afternoon, someone left a phone number on my voice mail. No name or other identifying information. Just “Please call 559-297-4640.”

I didn’t recognize the voice or the phone number. There was absolutely no reason for me to call back. But I had to.

I got voice mail. “Hello. Please leave your name and number after the tone.”

So, what was it? Cold call? Long lost relative? Wrong number?


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2 thoughts on “Interesting Way to Get Your Call Returned

  1. Very funny … about leaving your credit card number.

    I’ve started collecting “worst VM messages”. Those lousy messages might as well be good for something … like a good story with an important lesson.

    Here’s what bugs me about the VM you received … it IS vague and deceptive. Just today I received another such VM. The guy said, “This is my last attempt to contact you in regards to …”

    Well, I know for a fact this was his ONLY attempt to contact me.

    VM messages reflect the character of the person who is calling. If you are the kind of caller who leaves a deceptive VM you’ve gotta know that decision-makers are wise to your ways.

    If you exhibit the character trait of being deceitful in your VM, listeners who know about character realize that very trait will be evident throughout your business dealings. Knowing this why would anyone call you back … unless they are looking for a good story or a good blog post!