How to Pack Your Briefcase for a First Sales Call

5 Things You Must Bring... and One to Leave at Your Office

It’s finally time to leave the office and head for that first meeting with a direct prospect. You’ve done your research and confirmed the appointment. What should you bring to the call? There are five things you absolutely must have at the first meeting. And one thing you probably have with you that belongs back at the office.  […]

Choose sales materials for your briefcase carefully

The First Sale You Make to a Customer: Are You Blowing It?

The first time you contact a new prospect,  that customer has a buying decision to make. The decision doesn’t involve money… it involves time. Are We Delivering ROI On Our Customers’ Time? A Sales Attempt That Failed Not long ago I was supposed to accompany a television station salesperson to see the owner of a roofing […]

For salespeople and customers, time is money

Sales Advice: How To Get Past The Put-Off

“I’m tired of getting put off — I’d rather they just say no.”   Jane has been selling broadcast for about a year, and is finding her sales efforts blocked by clients who either can’t or won’t commit. In her post on TV Sales Cafe, she writes I’ll meet with someone and they’ll ask for […]

salespeople can't wait for the put-off