Lawn Sign Advertising — A Detective Story

Have you ever looked at a lawn sign ad — one for something other than a political candidate — and wondered how successful that marketing approach really is?

Me neither.

Robert J. Moore, on the other hand, got to wondering. While driving through Glassboro, New Jersey, he saw a lawn sign advertising an online dating service. After encountering similar signs in several other places, he decided to try to figure out where they all came from. The answer involves a variety of servers, internet addresses and companies stretching from Massachusetts to Texas to Panama and India.

Read about the whole thing on his blog. It’s more words than you ever thought you’d read about lawn signs, but it’s really fascinating stuff. What initially appeared to be the work of a little guy in a small town turns out to be a multimillion-dollar international industry.


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4 thoughts on “Lawn Sign Advertising — A Detective Story

  1. Yard sign Advertising: The ones I notice the most are contractors using the opportunity to create awareness. After a while you ask the question “Who should I use?” based on which contractor yard sign you’ve seen the most.

  2. Contractors yard signs are usually completely local — planted outside a house the contractor’s working on.

    The interesting thing about the dating sites’ signs is that they appear to be local (and, in fact, the actual planting of the sign is by definition local), but the origin is somewhere far, far away.

    This evening my wife and I went out to dinner and a concert. We saw three of those signs, looking EXACTLY like the ones on Robert Moore’s blog except for the name of the town.