Old Spice Guy Wins, Using the Only Score That Matters

After a flurry of reports that the viral hit “Old Spice Guy” campaign had resulted in a sales drop, some more numbers are in. Brandweek reports that:

According to Nielsen, sales of Old Spice Body Wash—the line touted in the Wieden + Kennedy-created campaign—rose 11 percent over the past 12 months and since the effort broke in February, sales seem to be gaining momentum.

Over the past three months, sales jumped 55 percent and in the past month, they rose 107 percent, also per Nielsen. Recent sales figures from SymphonyIRI  also show a lift for Old Spice Body Wash products.

The initial “sales drop” story came from 52-week scanner data released by SymphonyIRI. However, says Brandweek, data measured since the campaign launched on February 21 show  definite increase, with a significant jump in the four-week period ending July 11.

Viral status and sales do not always match up, but in this case it appears that the Old Spice Guy has done his job.

This pleases me, since I now have an excuse to embed this in my blog:


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