Update on the Freak Dancing Story

The Oregonian’s Sunday print story on the issue was solid. It presented views from principals, chaperones and students. It also touched on the history of skirmishes between parents/educators and teens about their dancing — which, apparently, dates back at least to the nearly 1900’s and the Turkey Trot.

[This last tidbit came from Julie Malnig, a social dance historian at New York University. I had no idea that there were jobs available as social dance historians.]

It seems as if the Oregonian knows they’re supposed to be using this web video thingy, but they can’t quite figure out how or why. Below the subhead, the O once again tries to lure you to their web site to see “video from last weekend’s Blackboard Music dance in Beaverton.” The pitch is accompanied by a color photo of teen torsos. Don’t listen to the carnival barker, folks. There’s still nothing interesting under the tent — it’s the same poorly-lit, substance-free video that was on there yesterday.

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