Does the Client Believe It’s Working?

In the advertising sales game, few things are worse than an unexpected cancellation. The agreement was signed with great fanfare a few months ago. The ad looked great, the digital campaign’s performing well, and you’ve settled in for a good, long relationship. Then the email comes out of the blue. “It’s not working. We need […]

sales success isn't magic -- does the client believe?

How to Recover From a Massive Screwup

Lessons for Salespeople from the United Airlines Debacle

Something bad is going to happen. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But if you sell advertising for a significant length of time, somebody will screw up and you’ll have to clean up the mess. The dust has finally settled on the United Airlines “doctor dragged off the plane” affair of April 2017. […]

salespeople have to mop up the mess

How Customer-Focused Are You… Really?

Everyone says they’re customer-focused. The stark reality is that most of us aren’t. Sales coach Gavin Ingham recently expressed a frustration common to those of us in the sales training business — our clients want advice on how to close sales, but don’t seem interested in earning the right to make the sale in the first place: […]

radio sales tip: be customer-focused

The moment you begin to think that money will always be there, that’s when you risk not working quite as hard to earn it. Or, if you allow the customer to perceive that you’re taking the business for granted, you’re closer than you think to kissing that once renewable source of revenue goodbye. — Mike Anderson, The Center for Sales Strategy

How a Shoe Store Owner Gets Free Facebook Advertising

I was meeting with the owner of an upscale ladies boutique in a southeastern state. Although the store sold all manner of women’s clothing, the largest revenue driver was shoes. Apparently, ladies love shoes. Who knew? The conversation had just turned to social media, and I asked the owner how effective the store Facebook page […]